Obviously the one way you don’t want to go down there is in the body of a fish. I mean, that fish is going to be eaten by something nastier and well… but you get the point. - Yonjay “Captain Practical” Senghar, First Mate on the Moonlight

I have traveled there through the bodies of the dead and it is not just the darkness or the deepkin that destroy. It is an unholy force that presses against the body, like the tightening of a screw within the chest - heart and lungs constricting as the air itself becomes like iron. It can make your very bones crack. This doesn’t affect me of course, I am just a passenger on the fleshboat. If it is brought down by rocks, I just book new passage on a different vessel. You on the other hand are a bit …trapped within your fleshsuit so I wouldn’t recommend the direct route. I have a pamphlet lying around if you’d like to learn more about my work. - Vastara, small-n necromancer

It is my greatest invention …this week! I call it The Hardboiled because of the egg - because there is the shell and underneath that there is the rubbery egg-white and then inside that the precious life-containing yolk. Except you are the yolk in this case and you are also life-containing and precious. The Hardboiled will keep you safe. What? Oh, that was The Softboiled and so obviously it failed but failure isn’t a bad word for an inventor. Failure is but a stepping - what? Well, yes, I called that the Hardboiled as well initially but that was premature. I mean, I’m literally inventing egg-cooking here. Obviously the names are going to move around till I discover all the ways- no, I am not inventing the omlette. I think the metaphor has gotten out of hand here … - Sinthiya Paraival, Chief Engineer to the Pallava Throne

Yes, I find Sinthiya’s work quite …eggciting! (breaks into peals of laughter and only recovers some sense of decorum after three very long minutes) But I would rather trust in the divine power of Dalsa and Ukh. The worthy can claim a blessing - an egg of godly light, if you want to make a comparison to the previous eggxample (has to punch himself to snap out of the fits of giggling that takes him). Encased within, they are quite safe. And before you ask, no, I cannot show you. It is a boon wrested from the gods, not a circus trick. You’ll have to take my word for it. Oh, is that all? Alright then, there is the EGGXIT (a drop of blood drips from his noise as he holds his chest and rolls on the floor, chortling and bellowing). - Angala, Right Hand of Dalsa/Ukh, the Laughing Sage

Pachai of the pearl divers can go deepside, I swear! I don’t know how and she doesn’t tell! And when we ask, she just looks at us with this strange expression and smiles a bit sadly. I swear it! - Shayon, 12, apprentice diver